Unprison 2011-2013 Index


Below you will find an index of the articles written over the past several years for Unprison.  Readers are encouraged, as issues arise in your area, to utilize the research, analysis, and opinions presented below.  Some of these have appeared elsewhere, such as AlterNet, Huffington Post, The Guardian, DailyKos, LA Progressive, Hollywood Progressive, RI Future, and SF BayView.   Most of this writing has spawned from direct experience working on the topic, and attempts to incorporate the hard work of others in this area of expertise. *Asterix articles are preferred reading.

Articles prior to 2011 should be forthcoming.


Rehabilitation and Education

Prison Conditions

Drug Policy

Employment and Housing

Voting Rights

Innocence and Death Penalty


Prison-Based Gerrymandering

Politics and Legislation

Commentary and Miscellaneous

About Bruce Reilly

Bruce Reilly is the Deputy Director of Voice of the Ex-Offender in New Orleans, LA. He is a graduate of Tulane Law School and author of NewJack's Guide to the Big House. Much of his writing can be found on www.Unprison.org.
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