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2016: The year of voting rights, public defenders, sentencing reform, and Albert Woodfox

 The Epicenter of Race, Voting, and Mass Incarceration New Orleans has always been a national news story. Northern parts of America probably understood the Free People of Color, prior to the Civil War, as much as they could understand contemporary … Continue reading

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Lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania’s “Mumia Gag Order” overlooks copyright protection

The Pennsylvania legislature unanimously passed a bill, the “Revictimization Relief Act,” in the wake of Mumia Abu-Jamal’s commencement speech delivered at Goddard College. The rationale for the bill is to suppress conduct that would cause “mental anguish” for victims of … Continue reading

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Herman Wallace: “Get Me The F#@k Outta Here.”

Those are the timeless words reportedly uttered by Angola 3 member Herman Wallace, who was finally released from Angola State Penitentiary after over 40 years.  “Get me the f#@k outta here.”  Most of his time had been spent in solitary … Continue reading

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Unprison 2011-2013 Index

Below you will find an index of the articles written over the past several years for Unprison.  Readers are encouraged, as issues arise in your area, to utilize the research, analysis, and opinions presented below.  Some of these have appeared elsewhere, … Continue reading

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National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners: Feb. 20th

A proposal passed yesterday by the General Assembly of Occupy Oakland is to generate a national day of action that will call attention to prisons across America.  While presidential candidates take to their stumps, one might be unaware that America … Continue reading

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My Teacher, Leonard Peltier

My first experience with government corruption was when the police and/or prosecutor in my own case gave information to a jailhouse snitch so he could testify against me.  They released the guy and he went on a crack mission, raped, … Continue reading

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From Narragansett Bay to Pelican Bay, People Stand in Solidarity for Human Rights

On July 1st, 2011, prisoners in the Security Housing Unit (SHU) in Pelican Bay State Prison, CA went on indefinite hunger strike to protest conditions that have been characterized by the UN as “inhumane and degrading.”  Over nearly three weeks … Continue reading

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What’s Going On In Detroit?

If for no other reason than the passionate remarks by Congressman Hansen Clarke (D-MI) at a House hearing on June 15th, an outsider can see that there is a strong will in Detroit that is rebuilding a city.  Clarke was infuriated … Continue reading

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Formerly Incarcerated & Convicted People’s Movement Arises!

Alabama represents the answer to a clarion call.  This is a call that speaks to us in our own voice; clear, loud and urgent.  A voice that speaks to our identity and emanates from the soul, ringing true both in … Continue reading

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Ten Million Movement: Beyond COINTELPRO, the Demand for Civil Rights Continues in America

March 8th, 2011 marks the 40th Anniversary of the anonymous group of activists who broke into a Pennsylvania FBI office and uncovered a counter-intelligence program known as COINTELPRO.  This program played an essential role in destroying the American Civil Rights … Continue reading

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