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Troy, Hunger Strikes, and Law School: The Movement for Self Empowerment

These are busy times in the era of mass incarceration.  The execution of Troy Davis sparked the largest public opposition to the death penalty in American history.  Vigils and protests arose throughout the nation, horrified that someone can be put … Continue reading

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“Georgia is prepared to snuff out the life of an innocent man.”

There is not much more to be said regarding the execution of Troy Davis.  The doubts regarding his guilt have been reported in every major news outlet and over 600,000 petitions for clemency have been delivered to the Georgia Board … Continue reading

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My Teacher, Leonard Peltier

My first experience with government corruption was when the police and/or prosecutor in my own case gave information to a jailhouse snitch so he could testify against me.  They released the guy and he went on a crack mission, raped, … Continue reading

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How To Get Your Client Put To Death: The Latest Legal Controversy

If there ever was an indication that the law is an ever changing tool with which we use to govern society, one need only look at the rulings in Death Penalty law.  For those of us who sharpened our legal … Continue reading

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Latest Immigration Case May Hit For-Profit Prisons In the Pocket

This week the Third Circuit Court of Appeals cast down a landmark ruling on Immigration Detention and Due Process.  In what should be known as yet another victory for one man and his pen, Chiekh Diop fought his way out … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Our Allies

To Our Friends, Comrades, Families, and Allies: No matter how you refer to yourselves, you are the ones who kept us going when we needed support.  Although you may not have stood before the judge and had your name called … Continue reading

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Forcing Drugs Into Your Children- The Final Straw?

This is what it comes down to: DCYF calling the police to seize children and force them to take anti-psychotics.  Read your “1984” and “Brave New World” my friends, and know where to draw the line in the sand. This … Continue reading

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