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So You Want To Be A Prosecutor? 6 Rules to get started.

I have recently had several conversations with aspiring prosecutors, all of whom have an idealist desire to punish wrong-doers and protect the public.  It became obvious that they had very limited experience with the criminal justice system at all.  I … Continue reading

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Officer: “I Don’t Give a F#@K Ni**er!” (prior to the shooting)

Following a pattern of racial slurs and racial abuse by members of White Plains Police Department, the Attorney General definitively proved that they cannot indict a ham sandwich (as the old adage goes).  After 68 year old Marine Kenneth Chamberlain … Continue reading

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Putting Prison-Based Gerrymandering On The Map… And How We Take It Off.

How did a man with a PowerPoint presentation turn into a piece of legislation I pushed on my legislators and allies?  With his passion for social justice and intelligence to develop a core issue about democracy.  I’m honoring that dedication … Continue reading

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