Madison, WI: Why Tom Morello and The Left Should NOT Support The Machine

At the risk of alienating myself from my Left-leaning friends… I’m going to say it anyway: I’m deeply troubled that the Wisconsin state employees labor strife is considered the face of social uprising in America.  It must be said that there are two distinct groups that use the phrase “Union.”  The first is a group of workers who make a product, and were sick of being exploited for their labor while the owners kept 90% of the proceeds.  The NBA Players Association, the most highly paid group of predominantly Black men in the world, keep 51% of all revenues.  A very simple formula where each party respects they can’t make money without the other.

The second type of “union” are people who work for the government.  There is no material profits to divide up, and thus no real way to assess the monetary value of their work.  And their compensation comes from all taxpaying members of society, from the uber-rich (with their off-shore tax havens) to the low paid grunts who lose a quarter of their pay each week to the government.  The Wisconsin workers fighting for their jobs and benefits are this second type.

Government workers compose roughly half of the 15 million union workers in America. Consider this again: of over 300 million Americans, under 3% work in a union with a profit, bosses, and all the other components of capitalist dynamics.  To put this in perspective, Wal-Mart employs 2.1 million people (1.4m in the U.S.), who are not in a union, whose rank and file earn an average hourly wage of $11.75, while creating $595,000 of profit per employee.  And yet the uproar is over public sector workers.  After WalMart, the next largest employers in America (other than government) are McDonald’s, Kelly Staffing Temp Agency, UPS, Sears, Home Depot, Target.

Nearly one million of the public employees are police officers, with salaries ranging from 50-100k/year plus overtime and benefits.  Over 500,000 work as correctional officers, with a median salary over 40k/year plus overtime- this is about as many people as work in McDonald’s.  The annual list of highest paid state employees in RI consistently include some prison guards earning over $100k.  There are over 100,000 probation officers and correctional treatment workers (median 46k/year).  Over 25% of the public sector union employees are in the field that serves as the arm and face of government oppression.  When things are rosy, these cops on the beat are saving lives and promoting peaceful conflict resolution.  When things go foul, the image is a police baton, riot gear, pepper spray, and other such tools of destruction.  It is not accidental that public safety workers are exempted from the Wisconsin cuts, but loyalty to the state should not come via the mighty dollar.

With over 30,000 members, the California Correctional Officers are one of the largest unions in America.  They “find it offensive” that indigent prisoners are allowed to get a free stamp and envelope to write their loved ones… ironic, considering the number of activists, some of whom will be (or have been) arrested for protesting, who are struggling in solidarity with public employee unions.

The shout-out for justice is in reference to “union busting”, using rhetoric from a bonafide Labor Movement that fought against a resistant government to create and enforce workers’ rights.  But who are the “Bosses” in Wisconsin?  Elected government officials who are not feasting at the trough of their underlings’ labor.  The calls for solidarity seem to overlook the reality that “We The People” are paying these salaries, benefits, overtime, and pensions- be they school teachers or sanitation workers.  And some of the People, on unemployment or not, are wondering why public workers are getting all the solidarity.  State and city jobs are loaded with political patronage and nepotism, and like a kingdom, these royal offices are rewarded with as much as double or triple what the average peasant is earning to support their family.

Where has the public sector been over the past three decades as wages plummeted at the expense of wealthy elites?  Where are the government employees when it comes to Living Wage laws?  Where are they on universal health care?  On enforcing tax breaks for corporations (in exchange for some public benefit)?  Or when we consider solidarity with social justice movements in America: where is the public sector when it comes to policies that have prisons bursting with the mentally ill, physically addicted, and systemically impoverished?

It is difficult to see images of crowds across the Middle East and North Africa, demanding equality and democracy, without finding some connection to Madison, Wisconsin.  But they are polar opposites.  In America, the Left is being asked to support a state apparatus that has not been at the forefront of social movement; a labor sector which actually represents a status quo.  The Middle East is deposing the status quo.  The true union-busters, be they corporate elites or Tea Party rank and file, are as misguided as those who don’t differentiate between the two types of unions.  Those who advocate an increase of police, prisons, and military (at the expense of social improvement programs) will be faced with the same budget crises as those who would like school teachers to remain on the payroll.

Let us not pretend there are no actual budget issues.  There is no infinite pie to slice up.  If the public sector has to start earning what other folks are making, perhaps that will serve as an impetus for those workers to organize for the massive changes necessary for everyone to earn a living wage.  WalMart cannot function without the public sector subsidizing them, particularly when they have employees getting welfare.  If the public employees decide to shut down government, with a basic demand for corporations to pay their fair share, it would be a Movement worthy of massive sit-ins.  Imagine a world where police were earning the same $28k, without overtime, as the communities they patrol.

When people see earnings like those below, it is no wonder when the government does not seem responsive to the needs of working class people.  When half the Households (meaning all earners in the house) are pulling in less than $53,000 in Rhode Island, and over half the individuals earning less than $30,000… there is little sympathy for the plight of the public sector and their $80,000 salary, or a half-pay pension after 20 years ($40k to go live on their yacht).

Seeing Tom Morello (legendary guitarist and notable activist from Rage Against the Machine) singing songs on behalf of the Machine seems rather odd.  Where is the sit-in at WalMart headquarters?  This is not the 1870’s, the 1930’s, nor the 1970’s.  With outsourcing and the elimination of manufacturing jobs in America, it is time for a new discussion about “Jobs” and workers’ rights- the discussion many folks missed while Bill Clinton confirmed NAFTA would be great for America, and Ralph Nader (who predicted the next 20 years, almost to perfection) was dismissed.

To see the mass protest demands shift from the local factory to the local government is a clear sign that capitalism as we have known it is in the death throes.  Yes, there is money in America.  There are vast estates and luxury items and million dollar weddings and large shareholders diverting dividend payments into complex global financial structures.  The target should not be the Governor, on behalf of our civil servants.  Where were those civil servants when the taxpayers were giving Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and their kindred the Big Bailout?  Why should social justice and economic reform activists take their eye off of J.P. Morgan?

The public sector cannot be the “Labor Movement,” rooted in social justice and overall betterment of the community.  If this analysis makes me a pariah, so be it.

Total pay, with benefits, for highest compensated employees, by department

The Providence Journal requested these lists of state employees’ salaries and earnings — which must be made available to the public under the state’s Open Records Law — to take a closer look at the cost of state government as state leaders have been debating issues such as layoffs and the privatizing of some state jobs.


1 Rosemary Booth Gallogly 190,837 145,801 Exec Director/Budget Officer
2 Jerome F. Williams 172,085 129,878 Exec Dir, Dept Of Administrati
3 William H. Ferguson 168,450 126,826 Assoc Dir Of Admin/Centrl Serv
4 Louise Bright 168,004 126,892 Assoc Director (Financial Mgmt)
5 Lawrence C. Franklin Jr 167,970 126,436 Controller
6 Robert L. Brunelle 166,546 125,212 Assoc Dir Of Admin/Centrl Serv
7 Tracy E. Williams 165,233 124,104 Chief Information Officer
8 Brian P. Stern 160,961 120,472 Exec Dir, Dept Of Administrati
9 Anthony A. Bucci 159,543 126,266 Personnel Administrator
10 Stephen E. Johnston 159,027 118,833 Exec Dir, Dept Of Administration
1 Gerald J. Coyne 172,973 135,914 Assistant Attorney General
2 James R. Lee 162,813 122,040 Assistant Attorney General
3 William J. Ferland 158,208 118,903 Exec Asst For Polcy Prog Rev
4 Randall White 158,193 118,146 Exec Asst For Polcy Prog Rev
5 Alan R. Goulart 156,104 116,321 Assistant Attorney General
6 Matthew S. Dawson 140,887 103,503 Assistant Attorney General
7 Rebecca J. Partington 140,117 102,851 Assistant Attorney General
7 Joseph P. Youngs, III 140,117 102,851 Assistant Attorney General
9 Richard B. Woolley 138,753 101,700 Assistant Attorney General
10 Aaron L. Weisman 137,555 100,648 Assistant Attorney General
1 Christophe F. Koller 199,934 153,482 Health Insurance Commissioner
2 Jeffrey J. Greer 141,584 104,094 Assoc Dir,Div Comm Licens� Reg
3 Joseph Torti Iii 139,656 102,464 Assoc Dir Suprnt Of Insurnce
4 A.Michael Marques 138,696 101,598 Director, Dept Of Bus Reg
5 Maria D. D’Alessandro 134,468 98,070 Assoc Dir., Supt Of Secur
6 Anthony V. Arico Jr. 133,615 113,643 Dep Dir, Dept Of Bus Reg
7 Dennis F. Ziroli 130,514 105,147 Assoc Dir Supndnt Bnk Secu
8 Steven L. Cayouette 129,244 93,740 State Chief Bank Examiner
9 Jack Broccoli 128,230 92,920 Chief Insurance Examiner
10 G Rollin Bartlett 122,078 87,990 Chf, Life, Acdnt Hlth Ins Anl
1 Frank E. Cook 202,995 169,203 Corr Officer-Capt
2 Kenneth E. Palmer 196,749 164,480 Correctional Offcr Hospital II
3 O. Juliana Ogunnaiya 193,927 161,326 Correctional Offcr Hospital II
4 Michael T. Poshkus 189,527 144,690 Medical Program Director (Corr
5 Ashbel T. Wall 187,589 142,610 Director, Dept Of Corr
6 Todd M. Amaral 172,628 140,165 Corr Officer-Capt
7 George N. Lockhart 170,840 139,764 Corr Officer Lt.
8 William C. Distasio 167,262 146,812 Correctional Officer
9 William E. Curtin 167,103 137,023 Correctional Officer
10 Ellen E. Alexander 166,488 125,182 Asst. Director Of Administrati
1 John L. Surrette 190,220 161,116 Child Support Technician
2 Thomas M. Bohan 190,220 145,279 Exec Dir Admin
3 Anthony Fratantuono 171,656 136,955 Supvr-Child Protective Invest
4 Patricia Martinez 169,276 127,501 Dir., Dept Of Child The Fam
5 Thomas L. Dwyer 168,930 127,252 Assoc Dir-Child Welfare�
6 Warren W. Hurlbut 162,987 122,220 Super (Ri Trng Sch Youth)
7 Janet L. Anderson 148,340 109,803 Asst Dir Child Behvl Htlh Educ
8 Linda M. Huguenin 148,148 114,149 Registered Nurse B
9 Arlene J. Chorney 146,700 108,429 Principal
10 Joanne H. Lehrer 145,674 107,557 Chief Of Staff
1 Todd D. Flaherty 184,647 140,882 Deputy Assistant Commissioner
2 David V. Abbott 175,852 133,409 Deputy Assistant Commissioner
3 Jennifer L. Wood 175,203 132,867 Chief Legal Counsel
4 Peter J. Mcwalters 171,380 149,068 Commissioner Of Elem Sec Ed
5 John F. Plante 161,689 121,023 Director/Principal
6 Victoria A. Gailliard-Garr 156,829 119,907 Director/Principal
7 Carolyn J. Dias 150,089 111,141 Finance Director
8 Diane L. Schaefer 148,348 109,689 Director
9 Maryann Snider 148,346 109,689 Director
10 Paula A. Rossi 148,344 109,689 Director, human resources
1 Ralph Rodriguez 141,382 103,883 Assoc Dir Dept Of Elderly Affa
2 Debra A. Capuano 129,966 104,679 Asst Dir Financial Cntr Mgmt
3 Vincent Monafo 122,719 95,063 Assoc Dir Dept Of Elderly Affa
4 Corinne C. Russo 115,507 95,387 Dir (Dept Of Elderly Affairs)
5 Donna M. Cone 110,169 78,408 Coord. Comm Plan Development
6 Lawrence V. Grimaldi 108,079 76,588 Chief, Program Development
7 Marie A. Strauss 106,563 75,372 Asst Admin, Comm Plan Serv
8 Paula M. Lipsey 91,159 62,954 Chief, Program Development
9 Therese M. Lusignan 88,690 60,980 Chf Human Servs Bus Officer
10 Delia C. Rodriguez-Masj 87,950 60,281 Programming Services Officer
1 W Michael Sullivan 170,458 128,483 Director, Dept Of Envir. Mgn.
2 Mary F. Mcmahon 156,442 116,680 Hearing Officer
3 Kathleen M. Lanphear 156,111 116,416 Chief Hearing Officer
4 Joseph F. Baffoni 150,705 111,818 Hearing Officer
5 Terrence P. Maguire 135,634 99,166 Asst Dir Financial Cntr Mgmt
6 Dean L. Lees 134,301 102,231 Environmental Police Offr3
7 Frances X. Ethier 133,376 111,158 Environmental Police Offr2
8 Janet Keller 130,084 94,432 Chf Of Strategic Plng Plcy
9 Kurt Blanchard 128,553 95,713 Environmtl Police Officer4
10 Francis P. Floor 126,409 94,822 Environmental Police Offr3
1 Jane Hayward 196,229 149,965 Secretary Of Hlth Hum Servic
2 Steven Pare 172,768 159,412 Superintendent (State Police)
3 Michael J. Rosa 172,508 136,637 Corporal (State Police)
4 Eric C. Lariviere 171,469 121,607 Lieutenant (State Police)
5 Jeffrey Grybowski 165,907 131,588 Chief Of Staff To The Governor
6 James M. Manni 165,107 119,833 Detective Sergeant(State Police)
7 Nicholas Tella 164,670 125,295 Sergeant (State Police)
8 Steven G. O’Donnell 160,631 145,708 Major/Field Operations
9 Joseph R. Miech 157,862 145,028 Major (Adm Serv)
10 Andrew M. Hodgkin 156,963 117,115 Executive Director
1 William H. Hollinshead 221,525 171,788 Medical Director,Family Health
2 Peter R. Simon 219,764 170,294 Asst Medical Director
3 Utpala Bandyopadhay�� 203,980 156,929 Asst Medical Director
4 Dorota Latuszynski 197,730 151,772 Asst Med Exmnr Forensic Pathol
5 Robert S. Crausman 192,782 147,447 Chief Administrative Officer
6 Sharon L. Marable Md 180,809 148,177 Asst Medical Director
7 Peter A. Gillespie 174,157 131,669 Asst Med Exmnr Forensic Pathol
8 David Gifford 170,271 134,975 Director, Department Of Health
9 Clark M. Greene 160,514 120,122 Dep Chief Of Staff/Policy
10 Walter S. Combs Jr. 158,215 118,178 Executive Director(Envir Hlth)
1 Ronald A. Lebel 175,443 134,796 Director, Dept Of Human Ser.
2 Edward Keenaghan 163,716 128,911 Implmnt Dir-Policy Programs
3 Edward P. Sneesby 151,563 112,543 Assc Dir., Program Operation
4 Edward T. Hynes 151,387 112,397 Assc Dir., Hum Resource� Sup
5 Adrienne M. Camara 150,995 116,933 Infection Control Nurse
6 Michael H. Bernstein 148,733 125,402 Admin Family Adult Servs
7 Sharon A. Santilli 148,631 110,056 Assoc Dir Revenue Srv (Chld Sup)
8 Paul J. Agatiello 147,738 108,157 Physician II (General)
9 Ronald H. Gaskin 146,746 108,449 Assoc Director (Financial Mgmt)
10 Claire Licciardi 141,025 116,032 Nursing Instructor
1 Paul A. Suttell 258,598 174,833 Asso. Justice (Supreme Court)
2 Frank J. Williams 255,795 172,783 Chief Justice (Supreme Court)
3 Maureen M. Goldberg 253,785 171,326 Asso. Justice (Supreme Court)
4 Laureen D’Ambra 240,491 162,068 Associate Justice (Family Court)
5 George E. Healy 234,567 157,320 Chf Judge Workers Comp Court
6 Gilbert T. Rocha 230,348 154,249 Associate Justice (Family Court)
7 Patricia A. Hurst 225,848 150,967 Associate Justice (Superior Court)
7 Jeffrey A. Lanphear 225,848 150,967 Associate Justice (Superior Court)
9 Francis J. Murray 225,845 150,967 Associate Justice (Family Court)
10 Stephen P. Nugent 224,826 150,221 Associate Justice (Superior Court)
1 Adelita S. Orefice 153,631 113,883 Dir, Dept Of Labor Training
2 Elizabeth J. Severance 152,317 113,169 Deputy Director
3 William G. Brody 143,203 105,467 Chief Legal Counsel Bd Of Rev.
4 Kathleen A. Sohar 138,611 101,581 Dir. Of Gen. Nursing Services
5 Robert J. Langlais 129,453 93,908 Asst Dir Labor Mkt Info Mgmt
6 Mary K. Serrecchia 128,166 92,872 Asst Dir For Emp Trng Sv
7 Lisa C. D’Agostino 127,229 92,084 Asst Dir Pl Pgm Dev
8 Valentino D. Lombardi 125,843 91,019 Legal Counsel – Es
9 Matthew P. Carey III 124,562 89,969 Asst Dir Wrks Comp Sel Ins Dol
10 Frederick C. Smyth 122,778 92,301 Chief Referee, Board Of Review
1 Ernest A. Almonte 225,473 175,103 Auditor General
2 Michael F. O’Keefe 190,024 145,103 House Fiscal Advisor
3 Richard P. Kearns 188,621 143,925 Chf Legal Counsel/Dir Of Jcls
4 R. David Cruise 182,657 138,875 Chief Of Staff
5 Russell C. Dannecker 172,181 130,005 Senate Financial Adviser
6 Gary L. Ciminero 165,157 124,056 Economist
7 William E. Carnes 161,642 121,714 Legal Counsel To The President
8 Frank J. Anzeveno Jr. 161,482 120,906 Chief Of Staff
9 Edward M. Fogarty 161,163 120,675 Chief Legal Counsel
10 William R. Guglietta 159,289 126,045 Legal Counsel House Majority Leader
1 Allan R. Lebeau 252,515 214,777 Supervising Registered Nurse B
2 Stella E. Adeniyi 233,014 197,109 Registered Nurse A
3 Mohammad K. Zaman 230,660 190,993 Psychiatrist IV
4 Mark M. O’Brien Md 229,553 178,588 Medical Program Director
5 Moraine M. Burns 227,969 191,697 Supervising Registered Nurse A
6 Pedro F. Tactacan 227,013 186,879 Psychiatrist IV
7 Wasim Rashid 222,610 183,494 Psychiatrist IV
8 Edward W. Martin 216,530 167,482 Chf Of Med Stf Clin Sv/El Sl
9 Rena B. Mate 201,701 165,017 Asst Medical Program Director
10 Abella T. Corpus 200,975 164,369 Supervising Registered Nurse B
1 Anthony R. Leone 201,814 181,525 Assoc. comm., higher ed
2 Stephen P. Mc Allister 193,197 147,877 Assoc. commissioner
3 Nancy E. Carriuolo 178,865 145,057 Program planning
4 Jack R. Warner 157,502 136,641 Comm Of Bd Of Govern Highr Edu
5 Ronald A. Cavallaro 119,119 85,424 General counsel
6 Sandra A. Lanni 95,376 70,851 General counsel
7 Marie Gallante 94,125 80,642 Purchasing
8 Walter C. Moore 92,970 64,335 Commissioner’s office
9 Phyllis A. Harnick 91,765 67,409 Academic affairs
10 Robin M. Beaupre 88,172 64,574 Commissioner’s office
1 Grover J. Fugate 173,796 131,343 Director
2 John J. Hardiman 170,183 128,312 Public Defender
3 Terrence N. Tehan 169,092 137,818 Dir., R. I. Atomic Energy Comm
4 Barbara Hurst 168,119 127,382 Deputy Public Defender
5 Juan F. Mariscal 163,997 122,982 Gen Manger (Wtr Resources Bd)
6 Thomas F. Ahern 157,787 128,238 Adminstr,Div Pub Utl Carries
7 Kent A. Willever 149,657 110,907 Exec. Director/Chf Prosecutor
8 Paula E. Rosin 145,940 107,856 Staff Attorney VII
9 Anthony Capraro 140,113 102,851 Chief/Trial Division
10 Michael A. Dilauro 139,324 102,176 Trainer/Asst Public Defender
1 Joseph V. Pomposelli 174,447 131,923 Director
2 John J. Nugent Jr. 157,748 117,784 Assoc Dir Revenue Serv (Taxation)
3 Robert P. Godin 146,048 107,876 Chf Of Exam. (Taxation)
4 Charles F. Dolan 141,382 114,339 Assoc Dir Revenue Serv (Mtr Veh)
5 Gerald S. Aubin 141,000 113,963 Lottery Director
6 Richard P. Smith 134,875 98,416 Chief, Compliance Collection
7 Susan E. Galvin 133,470 97,219 Chf Of Tax Processing Services
8 John J. Ditomasso 126,814 102,011 Asst Mtr Veh Adm For Saf Req
9 Darlene M. Walsh 126,534 91,557 Asst Mtr Vech Admtr Cust Serv
10 Michael F. Canole 125,438 90,693 Chief Revenue Agent
1 William H. Hurry Jr. 179,102 145,279 Executive Director
2 Gail E. Mance-Rios 127,735 98,763 Dpty Dir,R.I.Hghr Ed Asst Auth
3 Marc M. Lacroix 121,734 89,696 Asst Dir Financial Cntr Mgmt
4 Charlie F. Miller 107,099 87,906 Programmer/Analyst Manager
5 Maureen M. Guertin 101,394 76,441 Human Res Analyst III
6 Kimberly G. Cournoyer 96,123 67,147 Tech Support Spec
7 Steven M. Mollica 95,407 70,114 Supervising Accountant
8 Mary Ann Welch 92,164 70,395 Director Prog Admin
9 Nancy Ann Dooley 83,863 60,719 Director Prog Admin
10 Marisol Garcia 78,816 59,723 Chf Of Info Public Relations
1 Robert E. Fish 157,702 118,160 President, CEO
2 David W. Piccerelli 150,957 112,099 VP, chief financial officer
3 Dexter B. Merry 127,418 92,337 Director, broadcast operations
4 Robert W. Knott 114,957 89,733 chief engineer
5 Kathryn A. Larsen 103,047 72,383 Program director
6 James L. Garrett 91,352 66,201 Producer and director
7 Donald E. Connolly 88,753 61,687 Maintenance engineer
8 Madeline Marino 87,299 61,220 Director Of Scheduling
9 David V. Marseglia 86,880 66,161 Producer and director
10 Maria D. Velasquez 86,204 65,632 Director of education services
1 Albert A. Dahlberg 138,286 101,300 Assoc Director Plan,Polcy, Reg
2 S James Willis 133,578 97,393 Chief Information Officer
3 Janet L. Ruggiero 126,418 91,551 Executive Director
4 Nellie M. Gorbea-Diaz 125,115 101,737 Exec Asst For Polcy Prog Rev
5 Matthew A. Brown 122,812 88,584 Secretary Of State
6 Timothy M. Patterson 117,422 95,190 Director
7 R. Gwenn Stearn 108,439 77,002 Asst Admintr/Mgmt And Finance
8 Peter Kerwin 107,331 76,126 Public Information Officer
9 Christophe T. Fowler 103,472 72,800 Exec Asst Comm Public Info
10 Marianne J. Beirne 101,273 77,762 Executive Director
1 James E. Baron 349,703 301,324 URI men’s basketball coach
2 Albert Sevigny 273,314 251,890 CCRI controller
3 Robert L. Carothers 248,317 207,844 URI president
4 Edward M. Mazze 246,752 208,851 URI dean, business school
5 Thomas D. Sepe 239,361 205,156 CCRI president, retired
6 Timothy Stowers 231,494 196,027 URI football coach
7 Robert A. Weygand 229,213 178,420 URI VP administration
8 Jeffrey R. Seemann 227,609 189,191 URI dean, environmental & life sciences
9 Bahram Nassersharif 222,825 184,859 URI prof., mechanical engineering
10 John Nazarian 220,291 184,956 RIC president
1 James R. Capaldi 249,050 203,397 Director, Dept Of Trans
2 Edmund T. Parker Jr. 177,090 141,116 Chief Engineer
3 J. Michael Bennett 164,185 123,231 Deputy Chief Engineer
4 William Alves 163,846 133,339 Deputy Director
5 David J. Sasso 162,973 122,198 Transprt Supprt Admstr
6 Kazem Farhoumand 158,313 118,253 Deputy Chief Engineer
7 Frank Corrao III 154,907 115,381 Deputy Chief Engineer
8 James R. Choquette 154,412 114,983 Chf Audit�� Final Review
9 Robert A. Shawver 151,574 112,612 Associate Chief Engineer
10 Phillip Kydd 148,746 110,146 Asst Dir For Admistr Svs��
1 Frank J. Karpinski 160,510 120,122 Exec Dir (Retirement System)
2 Catherine K. Avila 144,267 106,365 Dep. Gen. Treasurer For Adm.
3 M. George Carvalho 144,115 116,664 Director
4 Joan M. Caine 135,304 108,367 Dpty General Treasurer For Fin
5 Corsino Delgado 134,454 98,058 Cash Manager
6 Kerry F. Walsh 130,570 105,190 Assoc Director Plan,Polcy, Reg
7 Paul J. Tavares 122,820 88,584 General Treasurer
8 Maria Demelo Olsson 107,331 76,126 Chief Fiscal Manager
9 Diane S. Bourne 107,073 82,493 Asst Dir Retir Syst Adim Plann
10 Stephen F. Iafrate 105,149 74,526 Fis. Mgn./Admin. Officer


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