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3 Reasons to Thank a Public Defender

This is the 50th Year of Gideon, which possibly means little to the majority of people in America- or so they believe.  Fifty years ago, the Supreme Court decided that American citizens have a right to a lawyer in court.  … Continue reading

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Supreme Court and Voting Rights: What They Did, and What We Do Next

The good news:  Racism is over. The bad news:  This is the lie we keep telling ourselves while racist actions are still happening at the highest levels of government. For instance, a recent FBI investigation in Alabama recorded state senators … Continue reading

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Fed Court Rules on Racist Crack Law- SCOTUS on Deck

After decades of public agitating that the federal sentencing laws are creating racist results, Congress famously lowered the 100-to-1 weight ratio (cocaine powder to crack) down to 18-to-1 with the Fair Sentencing Act in 2010.  A significant remaining question is … Continue reading

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