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Supreme Court and Voting Rights: What They Did, and What We Do Next

The good news:  Racism is over. The bad news:  This is the lie we keep telling ourselves while racist actions are still happening at the highest levels of government. For instance, a recent FBI investigation in Alabama recorded state senators … Continue reading

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Scaling Back Voting During Black History Month?

Today the Supreme Court heard a case about the Voting Rights Act, Shelby County v. Holder– specifically, whether we still need special protections in “Covered” jurisdictions- places where the legacy of racism and voting rights is so deep it requires … Continue reading

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Buddy Cianci & Chris Linder: The Mayor Who Couldn’t be Ousted & The Mayor Who Is Barred From Serving

Around the nation, people know Providence as the city with the mayor who went to prison. Most don’t know about Pawnee, Oklahoma, where a former prisoner has been elected mayor.  Twelve years ago, Chris Linder was involved in the rough and … Continue reading

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