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Jean Valjean is a Friend of Mine

Most reviews of Les Miserables discuss the singing, editing, and acting, disregarding the original text of Victor Hugo.  I write the simple reflections of a former prisoner who read this ex-con tale while sitting in a cell, with only a feint hope … Continue reading

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The New Grandfather Clause: Illegally Disenfranchising 11% of New Orleans, and Other Tidbits

Upon moving from Rhode Island to Louisiana, I was curious about my voting rights.  In 2006, I was part of a small group of people to move Rhode Island voters to amend their constitution- and re-enfranchise people on probation and … Continue reading

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Probation Violations- The Shadow Justice System and Need For Reform

With three times as many Americans on probation or parole, rather than in prison, it should be understood that this is the the most important place to focus one’s efforts when looking at sentencing guidelines and the costs of prisons. … Continue reading

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