Solidarity With Lucasville Uprising Hunger Strikers!

Dear family, friends and supporters of the Lucasville uprising prisoners,

> I am not aware of all of the factors that went into their decisions, but I
> have been informed that rather than waiting as previously planned, Saddique Abdullah Hasan and Jason Robb have joined the hunger strike. I received a letter from Hasan
> today stating that the warden and deputy warden of OSP were questioning him
> about his plans to go on the hunger strike based on information they had
> gleaned from the internet, and that may have influenced their decisions. I
> think the tremendous outpouring of support from all corners of the globe and
> all across this country has strengthened their resolve. There has also been
> phenomenal media interest with an op-ed piece by Denis O’Hearn in the
> Youngstown Vindicator, interviews of Staughton Lynd by Amy Goodman of
> Democracy Now and by KPFA, and an interview of Denis O’Hearn by WBAI. Both
> Denis and Staughton are frequent visitors of the prisoners. Denis wrote the
> biography of Irish hunger striker Bobby Sands entitled, “Nothing But an
> Unfinished Song.” Staughton wrote the definitive book on the 1993 rebellion
> entitled, “Lucasville: The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising.” He and his
> wife Alice were the attorneys in a class action lawsuit against OSP.
> Please keep putting the word out about the rally at the entrance gates to
> OSP in Youngstown at 1:00 on Saturday, Jan.15, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s
> birthday. We are trying to coordinate car pools and a car caravan from
> Cleveland. The 7-person van is filling up fast. We need other people with
> cars who know they are going to this rally and who have space in their car
> to contact us because lots of people need rides.

Contact or call 216-571-2518. Send the attached flyer
> around to everyone you think might be interested and print it out and post
> it in coffee shops, barber shops, laudromats, libraries, supermarkets, you
> name it. Buy poster board and markers and start making signs. If we have
> enough signs and banners, the prisoners will be able to see us from their
> windows and they will be so thrilled. Carloads of supporters are planning
> to drive in from other states. Let’s show them what Ohio activists can do!
> Let’s mobilize and make it big!
> Sharon Danann
> for the Lucasville Uprising Freedom Network

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